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Here at EgoDent,  we champion quality and an exceptional level of treatment. 

We are continuously investing in state-of-the-art equipment suited to the needs of our patients.

Hyperion 9

EgoDent is the UK’s first clinic to own the new model of Hyperion X9 Pro equipment. The Hyperion X9 Pro provides superior dental imaging quality.

3D Diagnosis

High performance, ultrafast scans and a complete selection of cephalometric projections. Choose the examination that best suits your diagnostic requirements.

Hyperion X5 Pro

Hyperion X5 3D PAN “Ceph Ready” is a system designed to simplify dental diagnostics with 3D and 2D images that can be viewed in real time.

Fast & Safe

It allows us to get better results, more detailed and specific investigations, directly in the EgoDent clinic. 

This increases the accuracy of the diagnosis and ensures optimal treatment.


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