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Cosmetic Dentistry: how can you get a Hollywood smile?


Anyone can have a Hollywood-worthy smile, but more often than not, the key to achieving that dream smile lies in various cosmetic dentistry procedures. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the teeth you have been dreaming of, we recommend that you consult with a specialist in this field who will ensure that you go through all the necessary steps to achieve a Hollywood smile. At EgoDent, we offer you specialized dental estheticians and the latest technology in dental procedures and materials!

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with improving the appearance of a patient’s teeth and smile. Understanding dental aesthetics includes a good knowledge of the basic principles of facial harmony, as well as the ability to evaluate each patient and create an individualized treatment plan. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can address a wide range of problems, including fractures, tooth loss, black spots in the dentition, tooth discoloration, and misaligned or uneven teeth. Depending on the patient’s needs, procedures may include teeth whitening treatments, dental implants, dental work, orthodontics, or even surgery.

How do you get a Hollywood smile?

If you want to have an eye-catching smile – the Hollywood smile – your normal dental care routine just isn’t enough. Brushing your teeth, as important as it’s, won’t help you achieve a radiant, perfect-looking set of teeth. Therefore, you need to consider a whole range of aspects such as the shape, height, thickness of the teeth, colour, as well as the different proportions between the gums and the teeth. However, the Hollywood smile can only be achieved if you follow certain steps as described below:

1. Visit your dentist – Before starting treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth, it is important to visit your dentist. He or she will examine the condition of your teeth and recommend the appropriate treatments for your goals. We look forward to seeing you at EgoDent, where our dental aesthetics specialists will guide you through the necessary steps to achieve a smile worthy of Hollywood!

2. Teeth Whitening – There are many options for whitening your teeth, from professional treatments to household products. Your dentist can help you choose the best option for you and which will have the biggest impact on the appearance of your teeth.

3. Dental veneers – This is the most effective and quickest dental procedure to completely change the appearance of your teeth. It is a non-invasive procedure and is suitable for anyone, since veneers are applied to the surface of the teeth without destroying their integrity. In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy highly symmetrical, white and functional teeth.

4. Correcting crooked teeth – If you have crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, there are several solutions, including orthodontic treatment or dental crowns.

5. Dental implants – If you have missing teeth, dental implants can be a great solution to restore the natural look of your smile.

With the help of your dentist and state-of-the-art dental technology, you can easily achieve a Hollywood smile that you will enjoy with confidence.

If you’ve decided to restore your smile to a Hollywood-worthy appearance, we’re waiting for you at EgoDent Stanmore at 22 A Lowther Road | Stanmore, London HA7 1st, or contact us by phone: 02033 016323/ email:

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Cosmetic Dentistry: how can you get a Hollywood smile?
Anyone can have a Hollywood-worthy smile, but more often than not, the key to achieving that dream smile lies in various cosmetic dentistry procedures. Therefore, if you want to enjoy...
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