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Reasons to choose private healthcare services in London

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As in most states, the National Health Service in the UK (NHS) is often overwhelmed with the number of patients who need treatment or require medical interventions. The hospitals in London are usually overloaded, and the doctors are hardly coping with the increasing number of requests. Therefore, the waiting time until you receive the necessary treatment can last up to 5 or 6 months, and, in most cases, it’s unlikely that you will benefit from the services of a specialist.

Private Health Service vs National Health Service in London

In order to get private health services in London, you need to get private health insurance. There are some cases where you can benefit from it, for example, if it is included in your salary package. Otherwise, you have the option to take it out yourself. So even if you have public health insurance, you can supplement NHS services with private benefits that offer additional advantages.

The NHS offers a wide range of medical services in London. From preventive measures or treatments for patients who may or may not need hospitalization, to reimbursable medications or curative treatments. However, like other national healthcare systems around the world, the NHS can struggle with staff shortages, too many patients or lack of funding. This is why it is important to consider private health insurance. It is an effective solution for situations where you need to know the diagnosis quickly or need a different type of treatment than what is covered by your public insurance. Such interventions include dental treatments or special ophthalmological treatments.

The advantages of a private health service in London

Compared to the public health care system in London, the private health care system offers some additional benefits that may be crucial for some patients.

  • They can avail medical services without any delay.
  • You can schedule the consultation according to your schedule. Moreover, you can choose the specialist who will consult and treat you. At EgoDent we work with a team of specialists who treat a wide range of conditions so that you receive the best treatment.
  • You will get more time and attention from your doctor. This way you can discuss all the symptoms you are experiencing, the appropriate treatment and its phases in great detail.
  • A private clinic is constantly investing in advanced medical technologies and equipment. This is an important aspect because it can help to accurately determine the diagnosis and the best treatment. At EgoDent, we work with advanced medical equipment to provide the best service to our patients.

If you consider investing in a private healthcare insurance to enjoy a wide range of benefits, we invite you to visit us at EgoDent Stanmore on 22A Lowther Road | Stanmore, London HA7 1ER, or contact us via telephone: 02033 016323 or e-mail:

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