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About the FUE hair transplant and how it can change people’s lives


Feeling good in your own skin improves the quality of life and is something we should all aim to accomplish. However, what happens when this goal is not necessarily up to us to achieve, and it may require an advanced medical intervention? Thankfully, the modern technology used in medical practices nowadays allows the improvement of our physical appearance without pain or complications. One of these practices is conducted by our specialist here at EgoDent Clinic, and it’s called the FUE hair transplant.

What is the FUE hair transplant?

Follicular unit extraction is a hair transplant modern technique. The procedure is minimally invasive, and when done professionally and accurately, it leads to optimal results!

What does FUE hair transplant involve?

The medical procedure requires harvesting four natural hairs and implanting them on the scalp area. The intervention begins by removing groups of 1-4 hairpins. The hair follicles are harvested from the side area or the back of the head using a specific instrument with a diameter of less than 1 millimeter.

The time to complete the FUE hair transplant may vary from case to case. An easy procedure involves approximately 200 grafts and can last only a few hours. On the other hand, the more complicated surgeries can require up to 3500 grafts and last around two days of treatment which can be consecutive or with an interval of 6-8 months. The decision is taken together with the patient after the consultation.

How can the FUE hair transplant change your life?

On a psychological level, a hair transplant helps with self-esteem and builds self-confidence. It can also play a big part in a healthy social life since you won’t have to hide your hair all the time by tapping it, wearing wigs, or other products that help cover your scalp. This change results from a series of benefits that come with a FUE hair transplant carried out at EgoDent Clinic:

  • No scars. Thanks to the advanced technology used during the intervention, the hair transplant won’t leave scars, and the recovery will be easy, fast, and painless.
  • Rejuvenating effect. Rich and healthy hair can have a positive impact on your whole appearance. This aspect is as essential for men as it is for women because it can be a way of expressing your attitude in a free and unique manner.
  • It doesn’t require special care. After the hair transplant, you won’t need to buy and use different products for maintaining your hair and scalp.
  • The affected areas are fully covered. The FUE hair transplant will help cover both your head crown and the temple area integrally.

If your self-esteem has been affected by the missing hair on different areas of your scalp, the FUE hair transplant can be the advanced and painless answer to your problem! You will be able to enjoy dense and healthy hair in a short time from your intervention, and it will boost your self-confidence.

Visit us at EgoDent Stanmore on 22A Lowther Road | Stanmore, London HA7 1ER, or contact us via telephone: 02033 016323 or e-mail:

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