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How Bite Affects Teeth Heath


Have you ever thought about how your bite affects the health of your teeth? When you have a healthy bite, you enjoy many benefits in terms of the beauty of your smile and the functionality of your teeth. You can also reduce your risk for various oral diseases. At EgoDent, we help you with the best recommendations and treatments to correct your teeth and enjoy long-term oral health.

What does it mean to have a sound bite?

In medical terminology, a bite is also called a dental occlusion. It represents the way your lower and upper teeth fit together. If your jaw fits perfectly on your lower jaw the moment you close your mouth, it means you have a healthy bite. Simply put, your upper teeth should fit right over your lower teeth. Also, the cusps of your lower molars should rest comfortably against your upper molars.

How does a bad bite affect the health of your teeth?

A misaligned tooth or a bad bite can lead to serious dental problems, some of which you can discover below.

The occurrence of abnormalities at the level of your oral cavity and the entire body

  • Weak or missing teeth;
  • Teeth sensitivity to cold or hot;
  • Aggravation of a periodontal disease;
  • Deterioration of dental prosthetics or dental implants;
  • Headaches, sore throat, and shoulder pain;
  • Muscle spasms at the level of your face or neck;
  • Face sensitivity to touch. 

Dental caries and other types of gum disease

Improper tooth alignment can contribute to the formation of narrow spaces between your teeth where food debris gets trapped. As a result, it can be difficult to brush your teeth properly. The toothbrush may not have access to teeth that are aligned differently than the rest. Even if you practice healthy oral care, misaligned teeth can cause cavities, plaque, or other gum disease.

Teeth damage

When your teeth are perfectly aligned, the upper and lower molars fit just right. This helps distribute pressure evenly when you chew or bite. This reduces stress on the enamel of your teeth. On the other hand, uneven pressure can cause your teeth to weaken, crack, or even fracture. Damaged teeth can lead to tooth decay or root inflammation.

The stress created by the bite can negatively affect your jaw bones, ligaments, and supporting muscles. Ultimately, this can lead to chronic headaches, neck pain or jaw damage such as TMJ disorders.

Most of the time, you don’t realize you have a bad bite until the first symptoms start to show up. If you’re facing a tooth disorder created by an incorrect bite, we invite you to visit us at EgoDent Stanmore, where we can find the best treatment for you, Find us at 22A Lowther Road | Stanmore, London HA7 1ER or contact us via telephone: 02033 016323 or e-mail:

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