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The relationship between patient and doctor and its importance

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Visiting the dentist may be scary for many patients, regardless of their age. However, effective collaboration and an open relationship between patient and dentist can be the key to a pleasant experience. At EgoDent, we take a different approach to our relationship with patients, one based on transparency, professionalism and constant communication at every step of the treatment process.

The first visit sets the tone of the relationship between patient and physician

The first visit is critical to establishing an effective patient-doctor relationship. At our clinic, the focus is on your oral health and overall well-being from the very beginning. Visiting the dentist can be associated with some anxiety for everyone. Our doctors are familiar with this aspect; their job is to calm and soothe the patient. We do this by carefully explaining all the stages of the treatment, the steps to follow, and the satisfactory results at the end of the treatment. The better we present and communicate these aspects to the patient, their fear of dental treatment will diminish.

We believe in open and friendly cooperation. For this reason, many patients who visit EgoDent develop a trusting relationship with our dentists, which quickly turns into a friendship.

An environment that facilitates a beneficial patient-medical relationship

In our clinics, we focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere. Our entire team is trained to make the patient’s experience pleasant, calm him down, and inform him of all the necessary steps after entering the clinic. The whole environment is designed to make the patients feel comfortable and confident in their choice. 

Moreover, we rely on state-of-the-art technology in dental treatments and interventions to reduce pain, fear, or discomfort as much as possible. The risks concerning treatments and operations have decreased considerably as the dental field has known a significant evolution in recent years. At EgoDent, we approach many treatment methods until we find the most comfortable and safe solution to the conditions we treat. This way, the patient does not have to agree to drastic measures that can further increase his anxiety about a particular intervention or treatment. We are also always ready to adapt the stages of treatment according to the needs, preferences, and schedules of the patient. We try to prioritize as much as possible transparency and flexibility so that the patient does not feel “compelled” to say yes, without being fully convinced or determined.

We trust we can achieve the desired results only by establishing a healthy and reliable relationship with our patients. Above the confidence in our long-term professional experience, we place the ability to make every person who crosses our threshold feel safe and comfortable. We are constantly improving our approach to patients and how the treatment unfolds.

You can think of Egodent as your family of dental and medical practitioners. Regardless of age, a warm professional will welcome you and provide the best care, always focused on your needs. Building honest patient-medical professional relationships from an early age is our commitment to improving dental and general health.

Visit us at EgoDent Stanmore, where we will establish the right treatment plan for a healthy and beautiful smile. You can find us at 22A Lowther Road | Stanmore, London HA7 1ER or by telephone: 02033 016323 or e-mail:

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