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The quality of dental prostheses is crucial in the success of dental treatments. You are in the right place, because we are here to do our best work for your needs. 

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A wide range of dental products, made using state-of-the-art, high-quality technology specifically designed to be as close as possible to your patient’s needs during their care. Our goal is to help you progress in digital and thus shape the future of dental digital together.

Our digital laboratory uses Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing for all dental prostheses, whether from digital impressions or conventional impressions. 

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Thanks to its development, the laboratory team is able to offer you custom-made digital dental prostheses.

About us

With more than 6 qualified dental technicians, we are the craftsmen of dental prostheses. Thanks to our expertise, we create the smile of tomorrow. Dental veneer, dental crown, anti-snoring tray, whitening tray, etc.; we provide all types of dental prostheses thanks to state-of-the-art equipment. 

At EgoDent Digital Dental Laboratory, we follow the latest trends and adapt to new technologies. The digitization of data (in particular dental impressions), the machining of teeth (size) as well as the 3D printing of dental prostheses are among the major developments and changes that apply in our dental laboratories. 

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We are in a continous development

Here at EgoDent Digital Dental Lab, we never stop learning new things. From adapting to the market’s needs to discovering new software and equipment, we are ready for any tech challenges! 

Always up to date

We believe in mentorship! Our dental laboratory has partnerships with expert technicians from all around the world and we provide trainings for our team. 

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Request or download directly order forms. You can also send your files to us. We are here to make the process as easy as possible. 

A team of experienced technicians who are ready to guide you!

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Technician 1

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Dr. Ancuța Țiplic

Principal dentist

Ivoclar Milling Center (PM7)

At our dental milling center we provide scanning and milling services which also accept STL files or models sent to us for scanning, designing, and milling.

We mill using the latest technology which, enables our machines to be connected from London to all the major providers.

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If you wish to refer a case to us and need further information, contact EgoDent Digital Dental Lab London. Our team of experts is here to help! 020 3301 6323


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Our team will check your scan and if there are any issues will inform you immediately.

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