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Emergency appointments at Dental Smiles London

If you have a dental emergency, contact one of our practices in King’s Cross, Euston, or Gray’s Inn and we’ll arrange a same day appointment to get you pain free as soon as possible.


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Dental emergencies in Central London

Even people who take great care of their teeth and mouth can have a dental emergency. Broken fillings, lost crowns, bleeding gums, and broken dentures can all lead to pain and discomfort, which can have a huge impact on your happiness and wellbeing. If you have a dental emergency, we offer same day appointments to help fix the problem, where we’ll give you complete and clear guidance on what treatment you’ll need to stop your pain and allow you to get on with your life.

Our practices are open on weekends and we also have some evening appointments available, so contact us as soon as possible for an emergency appointment.

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

There’s a big difference between a dental emergency, and experiencing mild discomfort that can possibly wait for a non-urgent appointment.


Slightly bleeding gums


Sometimes when we brush our teeth, our gums can bleed a little bit. This is usually a sign that you might need to have a dental check-up, not an emergency appointment.

Mild toothache


Unless you’re in severe pain, you don’t need an emergency appointment for a mild toothache and should be able to wait for a general appointment.

Lost crown or filling


Whilst not ideal, a missing crown or filling isn’t considered a dental emergency, but we’ll do our best to see you to fix the issue as soon as we can.

A cracked or chipped tooth


Unless sharp tooth fragments remain in your mouth or you’re in severe pain as a result, cracked or chipped teeth don’t qualify as a dental emergency.


Mouth bleeding


If you’re bleeding heavily from the mouth and aren’t able to control it, this could be a dental emergency.



If you’ve knocked out a tooth because of an injury to your mouth, an emergency dental appointment could save the tooth if it’s dealt with quickly enough

Severe pain


If you’re in severe dental pain that can’t be helped with pain killers, you might need an emergency appointment.



If your mouth is swollen, if you can feel knots in your jaw, or it feels like you might have a tooth infection, you need to contact us for an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible.

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